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Chinese New Year: Home

The Research Questions

1. What are some traditional dishes/menu that would be served at Chinese New Year celebrations?

2. What are some traditional decorations and music that would be used to make Chinese New Year celebrations festive?

Important Documents

Source Requirements

Students should be using books and databases and should be using NoodleTools to organize their research and create their works cited page.

Helpful Websites

NoodleTools Outlining Tutorial

Note Card Notes

1. Always do your bibliography entry first.

2.  Link your notecard to your bibliography entry.

3.  Fill in the page number box.

4.  Make a unique title for the notecard.

5.  One idea/fact per notecard.

6.  Use the My Ideas Box.  Without your own ideas, your own thinking, or your own analysis your research turns into a report.  This project is about research, not reports.

NoodleTools Notecards Tutorial

Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Encyclopedia

ABC CLIO World Geography

Culture Grams

Gale World History in Context

Britannica Image Quest

Classroom Video on Demand

Messing Library Catalog - The OPAC

Research Databases

Databases provide credible and vetted sources for all your academic research needs.


Stay organized and on track with your research. Let NoodleTools do the grunt work while you spend your time researching.


St. Louis County Library

All MICDS students and faculty are entitled to receive a FREE St. Louis County Library card regardless of where you live!  Besides awesome books and programs, the St. Louis County Library has an amazing audio book collection which makes it well worthwhile!  For more information about getting a free SLCL library card ask at Messing Library or click the image above to visit the SLCL's website.