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Science Current Events: TRI 1

Important Information

Your current event article must be from Newsela. Please print and cite a hard-core science articles and write a summary on the article you think gives the most information about a current scientific discovery, invention or new understanding in the field of science  Remember, no fluffy articles allowed.

Your final packet should look like this:

  1. Your summary of your hard core article
  2. A print out of your summarized article
  3. Bibliography. 


Newsela - Current Events News Articles

Newsela provides lots of great articles re-written for a fifth grade reading level. 

To Register for a Newsela Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up (the box should be in the upper right hand corner).
  3. Click on “I am a Learner”
  4. Click Yes - Join a teacher's class
  5. Type your sign-up code:
  6. Click "Sign up with Google"
  7. Click "Allow"
  8. Click on the Get Started button.
  9. Click on News (on the blue bar)
  10. Choose Science or Health
  11. Choose fifth grade reading level



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