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Francophone Weather: Home

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Students will work in pairs to deliver weather forecasts (la météo) of France or a French-speaking country.


  • Create a poster map of France or French-speaking country with several cities labeled.
  • Create a key/legend of the different weather predictions on the map
  • Draw the weather predictions for the day based on research that students have done on the country's climate


  • Students will act as news anchors for a French/francophone television station.
  • They will present themselves.
  • They will forecast the weather for the class (both students in the group must equally speak in order to get credit for the presentation).
  • Students can use props (sunglasses, umbrella, etc.) for comic effect if they would like.
  • Students can elaborate and have fun with the presentation.

Helpful Websites

Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Encyclopedia

Culture Grams

ABC CLIO World Geography

Britannica Image Quest

Messing Library Catalog - The OPAC

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