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Latin Tri 1 Culture Project: Home

Required Sources

You will need at least one print source and two database sources.

What are Fat and Skinny Questions?


Fat Question

Skinny Questions

Only One Fat Question

Lots of Skinny Questions



Creative - Bring out original ideas

Can be regurgitated from another source

Asks for an opinion


Has more than one answer

Can have one answer

Must be answered in at least a paragraph or an entire essay.

Can be answered in a word or a sentence

Must be analyzed           

Information questions

Must be defended, justified,  and judged


Must understand the pros and cons of a situation.


Starts with Why, How, Should, What If, Imagine, Suppose

Starts with What, Who, Where, When

Cannot be Googled



Drives your paper or project

Leads you to the place where you can effectively think about the answer your Fat Question

The answer to your Fat Question turns into your thesis statement

Skinny Questions form the basis of the outline for your paper


The answers to some of your Skinny Questions can become Topic sentences for your body paragraphs


Order your skinny questions from most basic to most complex.  Use the basic skinny questions in your introductory paragraph.  Use the more complex ones as topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

NoodleTools Outlining Tutorial

Note Card Notes

1. Always do your bibliography entry first.

2.  Link your notecard to your bibliography entry.

3.  Fill in the page number box.

4.  Make a unique title for the notecard.

5.  One idea/fact per notecard.

6.  Use the My Ideas Box.  Without your ideas, your research turns into a report.  Reports are not allowed.

World Book Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Britannica

ABC CLIO Ancient World History

Gale World History in Context

Britannica Image Quest

Classroom Video on Demand

Messing Library Catalog - The OPAC

Research Databases

Databases provide credible and vetted sources for all your academic research needs.


Stay organized and on track with your research. Let NoodleTools do the grunt work while you spend your time researching.