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Westward Expansion: Home

The Broad or Essental Question

The Essential or Broad Question for the project is:  What were the positive and negative consequences of American expansion between 1787-1890?

Source Requirements

  • You should have between three and five sources.
  • You should have both print and database sources.
  • Your textbook may be used as a source.
  • All sources must be correctly cited in MLA format. 
  • Please create a project in NoodleTools to organize your outline, take notes, and manage your bibliography.  Be sure to share your project with your teacher.


Biography Web Sources

Note Card Notes

1. Always do your bibliography entry first.

2.  Link your notecard to your bibliography entry.

3.  Fill in the page number box.

4.  Make a unique title for the notecard.

5.  One idea/fact per notecard.

6.  Use the My Ideas Box.  Without your own ideas, your own thinking, or your own analysis your research turns into a report.  This project is about research, not reports.

NoodleTools Outlining Tutorial

NoodleTools Notecards Tutorial

Encyclopedia Britannica

World Book Encyclopedia

Gale U.S. History in Context

ABC CLIO American History

ABC CLIO United States at War

ABC CLIO American Government

Gale Biography in Context

American National Biography

Britannica Image Quest

Classroom Video on Demand

Messing Library Catalog - The OPAC

Research Databases

Databases provide credible and vetted sources for all your academic research needs.


Stay organized and on track with your research. Let NoodleTools do the grunt work while you spend your time researching.