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Starting Out

It is going to be important for this project that you don't limit your searches to just "Cold War" and ____ (fill in the blank with the name of your country). Within many sources the Cold War or at least the tensions between East and West, communism and capitalism will be mentioned but it might not express these ideas in the title. Be sure you read with a broad scope. Look for the following keywords either in the index or within the text when browsing:

Containment, Domino Theory, Communism, Covert Operations, Coup D'Etat, Dictator, Non-Alignment, Reagan Doctrine, Invasion, Sanctions, East/West, Leftist,


For your presentation you will be annotating an article from this ebook: The Cold War: A Student Encyclopedia .The rest of the sources listed on this libguide are additional background sources that you can choose to explore if you want/need additional information.

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Important Background Information

EVERYONE should read the THIRD WORLD article. Read the other links that pertain to the region of the world where your country is located.