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Where do I start?

You have been assigned a project that centers on the theme "inequality". That is a large topic. You are going to have to go through some steps to find a more manageable and focused theme. Remember, the more focused you are the easier it is to find resources and you won't be so overwhelmed with info when it comes time to devlier your project.  Brainstorm for awhile and  think about what really interests you. A good place to start are the databse links to the left. Particularly opposing viewpoints. Get some good pro/con articles and get the keywords/subject headings that you can then go search elsewhere. Ask yourself some questions:

-Am I intereseted in economic inequality?

Occupy movement, tax reform, public vs. private education, welfare programs, wage gaps

-Am I interested in the social history/ramifications of inequality?

Discrimination, Affirmative Action,gender issues, sexual orientation, crime & the legal system, housing inequality, eminent domain

Perhaps the legal side of the larger topic appeals to you. Start with researching the laws themselves

Title 9, Americans with Disabilities Act

Or maybe a specific event, Hurrican Katrina for example, interests you.

One example of narrowing a topic could be like this: Racism --Law enforcement--Racial Profiling

There are many directions you may take with this project. If you have a topic like gender issues that is of interest  that is your jumping off point. Break that down further. Remember to analyze your sources  with the TOECAP criteria. Some general web sources may contain bias on some of these controversial issues.

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