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Although the focus of this project is on presentation skills you still must use good research skills to have quality material to present. Remember to use the TOECAP criteria to evaluate your sources. You have to have an annotated bibliography and thus have to justify your sources. Make them good!

Trustworthy Objective Enough Current Accurate Purpose

History E-books

There are some GREAT reference articles in these ebooks. Check them out!

Database: Gale World History in Context

Database: ABC-CLIO Modern World History

What is the project?

Your assignment is to take one of the isms below and give a presentation on the concept itself as well as an individual who had a role in spreading/defining that ism. Below are some choices:

Possible Isms:

Darwinism –   Charles Darwin

Anarchism –   Mikhail Bakunin

Conservatism – Klemens Von Metternich

                          Edmund Burke

Wahhabism – Muhammad ibn Adb al-Wahhab

Secularism –   George Jacob Holyoake

Racism -         Herbert Spencer

Pan-Africanism – Henry Sylvester-Williams

Romanticism – William Wordsworth

Feminism –     Ellen Karolina Sofia Key

                        Emmeline Pankhurst

Deobandism – Shah Waliullah

Utilitarianism – Jeremy Bentham

Positivism – August Compt

Chartism – Fergus O’Connor

Realism – Henrick Ibsen

Syndicalism – George Sorel