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Fourth Grade Citations: 4th Grade Citations

Fourth Grade Citations

1.) Let's Discuss:

How to cite a book in MLA format-


Q: Where do we find this information on a book?

A: On the cover and copyright page

2.) Try It Out:

Use EPIC to find a book about your assigned country.

Follow the link below to get to epic. 

Use the search bar to locate a book (type in the country name).

Use the 'pointers' for help locating the cover and copyright page!

Write these down on your paper:

Last Name, First Name, Book Title, Publisher, Year

Once you have the citation information, it's time to cite your source!

Use the Padlet link to cite your source.

Create a post using the '+' icon, and type in the name of your country to find it on the map!

Please include the following on your post:

Your Name, Country Name, Book Citation

(See the example post: United States)

3.) Continue Practicing

Use the link and code to review a NEARPOD lesson about citations:

This lesson provides more practice and details about citing sources

There is audio provided for each slide.

Please take the vocabulary quiz at the end, and continue researching and citing when finished!