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JK Read Alouds: Home

Read Alouds for JK Friends by Older Students

JK Read Alouds

Diary of a Worm (read by Matthew)

The Pout Pout Fish (read by Timo)

The Spooky Old Tree (Read by Katherine)

Good Night Moon (Read by Vihari)

The Bunny Hop (Ready by Reagan)

Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath (Read by Noah)

Math Monsters Picnic (Read by Lilian)

The Bear's Vacation (Read by Hayden)

McElligot's Pool (Ready by Alayna)

I'm Dirty! (Read by Sam G.)

The Biggest House in the World (Read by Margot)​

I'm Brave! (Ready by Natasha)

Goodnight Moon (Read by Alyssa)

We eat Dinner in the Bathtub (Read by Caroline)​

My Friends (Read by Bruce)