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History Final Project: Home

Research Components


When researching for your final project, remember the five themes you must focus on:

  • geography and movement
  • ideology and religion
  • government
  • power and equality
  • technology and innovation​​​​​​​

Project Guidelines

History of country, Problems of Country, Life Today, Future

  • Using the perspective of a 7th grader in that country (some immigrants, some born there; different income levels), students will write a story about that person's life today. Need to include factors from the past that shaped your life, and how your life is affected by the 5 course themes


Finished story will include:

Unit Connection

  • What is the history of this person’s country? 

  • How did your person’s family get to this country? When did they arrive/how has the country changed?

Geography and Movement

Ideology and Belief

  • What is the culture like?

Ideology and Belief

Power and Equality

  • How does the government work?


  • What global issues does this person’s country face?

    • perhaps compare to SDGs? where does your country rank? What are current big issues facing your country? future outlook?

Power and Equality

  • What is the future outlook for the country?

Technology & Innovation





Helpful Databases