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Databases for Images

Citation Guidelines

1.  Databases: full MLA citation copied from Database

2. Books: Title and author's full name 

3.  Websites from the project page: title of webpage and the link of the web page 

Helpful Websites

  • Phillis Wheatley--poet and author

    • National Women's History Museum: Link

    • The New Yorker: Link 

  • Sojourner Truth--abolitionist and women’s rights activist

    • PBS: Link

    • National Abolition and Hall of Fame Museum: Link

  • Nat Turner--rebellion leader

  • Frederick Douglass--abolitionist and author

  • Harriet Tubman--abolitionist and political activist

  • William H Carney--American war hero

    • US Army: Link

    • National Park Service: Link

  • Elijah McCoy--inventor and scientist 

    • Biography: Link

    • Encyclopedia Detroit: Link

  • Booker T Washington--educator

    • History: Link

    • National Park Service: Link

  • George Washington Carver--inventor and scientist 

    • Science History Institute: Link

    • Historic Missourians: Link

  • Madame CJ Walker--first female millionaire

    • PBS: Link

    • National Women’s Hall of Fame: Link

  • Scott Joplin--musician/composer

    • Library of Congress: Link

    • Joplin Org: Link

  • Hiram Revels--first African American United States Senator

    • US House of Representatives: Link

    • Constitution Center: Link

  • Blanche K Bruce--United States Senator

    • US House of Representatives: Link

    • National Park Service: Link

  • Ida B Wells--journalist & activist (permission from Mr. Duvall or Mr. Mayes):

    • National Women’s History Museum: Link 

  • Phillip Alexander Bell--journalist

    • Media Museum Northern California: Link

    • Lincoln Memorial Shrine: Link

Helpful Databases