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Nonfiction: Finding Nonfiction

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Areas to Investigate

McCulloch Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System. This system groups materials into ten main classes, each of which has ten subdivisions.

Look for topics of interest in the following areas:

000s: Information (includes Computer Science and Journalism)

100s: Psychology and Philosophy

200s: Religion and Mythology

300s: Social Sciences (includes Political Science, Economics, Law, Media, and Education)

400s: Language

500s: Science and Math

600s: Technology (includes Medicine, Engineering, and Home Economics)

700s: Arts and Recreation (includes Music and Sports)

800s: Literature (includes Memoirs and Essays)

900s: History and Geography (includes Travel, Global Issues, and Wars)

B: Biographies

Click here for a list of Dewey Decimal Classes and Subdivisions.


After clicking this link, look for the blue NONFICTION tab on the left side of the screen to search for recommended Nonfiction titles.

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