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Public Speaking: Websites

Google Search Tips

There is more to searching Google than you might think.  Follow these tips to become a Google superstar.
  • Think about how the page you are looking for will be written
  • Eliminate unnecessary words like a, an, the, and others
  • Use more than one search term
  • Use quotes around phrases
  • Use the minus (-) sign to exclude undesirable words
  • Use domain limiters, including site:gov, site:edu, and site:org
  • Look for organizations or official groups

The Elements of TOECAP

Trustworthy? Ask yourself: Is the information on the site reliable? Who created the site? Is the creator well-known? Should you trust the creator? Where did the creator get the information?

Objective? Ask yourself: Is the objective or subjective? Does the creator of the site have any reason to be biased?

Enough? Ask yourself: Does the site have enough information for you? Is it easy to navigate the site? Is it easy to find the information you need?

Current? How recent is the information on the site? When was it last updated?

Accurate? Ask yourself: Does the information seem right to you, compared to other information you have found? Does it make sense? Does it seem like someone fact-checks and edits the site for minor errors?

Purpose? Ask yourself: What's the purpose of the site? Why was the site created?