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Research Question

Can alternative energy (renewable energy) effectively replace fossil fuels (non-renewable energy)?

Choosing the Right Keywords

It is important to use the right keywords to find the right articles to suit your needs. The better you get at manipulating keywords and language, the more effective your search will be.


renewable energy

alternative energy

wind power

solar power

geothermal energy

tidal power

Read an Overview

To gain an understanding of energy sources, read an overview first!

Alternative Energy Sources from Gale Student Resources in Context

Tips for Choosing the Right Article

1.Be flexible.  If your first attempt at searching does not bring you results, be flexible with your words.  Try new keywords.  If the first database you try does not bring you results, try another.  

2. Use the subject headings available on Results pages to help you explore topics.

3. Scan through the titles and go beyond the first page of results to find an article that may answer your questions AND that appeals to you.  This gets easier with practice.

4. Choose an article that answers your research questions. 

5. Choose an article that is lengthy enough to offer substantive information about your topic.  If the article is only a paragraph long, chances are that it won't offer you very much information.

6. Avoid articles that are too scholarly.  Many academic articles are written for professors, researchers, and graduate students and use very technical language.  If you can't understand the content, move on.  Gale databases allow you to choose a "Basic" or "Intermediate" reading level in your advanced search; use this function!

7. Once you find an article that answers your research questions, archive it--email it to yourself, print it, or download it so you don't forget where you found it.

Finding Articles in Databases

The following databases will be most helpful for your research on energy. 


You are required to cite your articles. Use NoodleTools to make sure your citation is complete and accurate.

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