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Business Disasters: Home

Find an Overview

Step 1: Search for initial background information on your disaster:

1. Begin by finding and thoroughly reading the overview of your disaster on Wikipedia so that you have a basic understanding of what happened.

You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What company or government caused the disaster?
  • Where did the disaster happen?
  • Who or what was affected or harmed by the disaster?
  • How did the company or government respond to the disaster?

Find News Articles about the Disaster

Step 2: Search for more information about the disaster:

1. Go to Historical Newspapers.  Note: DO NOT type in your school name if asked.  Click on "Show More Detail" and log in using our usual username and password. Ask Ms. Voss or Ms. Williamson if you need help.

2. Search for your disaster.  Try at least a few searches to increase your results. For example, try searching for [Romania cyanide spill] if you do not get many results for [Baia Mare cyanide spill]. Note: DO NOT use the brackets in your search.


Find More Information

Step 3: Search for more information about the disaster:

1. Find one more article using a database. You may need to vary your search terms or try several databases before finding good results. Use the databases below. If you are having trouble, please contact Ms. Voss or Ms. Williamson.

NOTE: If you get a lot of results in any of the databases, you should scroll down to News Results, Magazine Results, or Academic Journals for the most helpful results.  At this point in your research, these types of sources will have more details and analysis.