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How to Create a Graphic Novel

This is an 18 minute long video but it outlines the storytelling necessary to make a successful graphic novel. Remember, the drawings can be fancy but if the information isn't there and isn't effective you will not have a successful product.

Graphic Novel Basics: How to Read a Graphic Novel

The following pdf from outlines the various features of graphic novels.

What is a graphic novel?

Created by Jessica Abel. Creating Words and Drawing Pictures

Stay organized!!

The key to a successful graphic novel is that you have coherently told a story. Whether you get your information across through dialog bubbles, thought bubbles, or narration boxes you have to have the factual information presented so that your audience knows what your event is about. Just like you would organize a paper by making an outline you should have a plan in place for presenting your information visually. You can make a copy of the Google Doc, created by Dr. Roth, below to make yourself an outline of how you will present your material.