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McCulloch library has a new collection of e-books that are very strong in American social history (history of the people of the US). These can be accessed through the catalog or through the link below. Some of the print books for this project are also available as e-books.

Ebook search help

There is a wealth of information to be found in the e-books. There are several ways to navigate the ebooks:

-Follow the search widget on this libguide. Enter in your search terms or just click on the ebook link.

-Search in the McCulloch catalog. In the record click on the link at the bottom.

-All of the titles have a table of contents. Sometimes browsing the table is best.

-The search bar on the left side of the page is to search WITHIN the book. The search bar at the top of the page searches all of the ebooks.

-Browsing the list of books sometimes is an easy place to start, especially when you are having trouble getting started. Be sure to click the "VIEW ALL" button on the upper right of the page.

Database: ABC-CLIO American History

Database: Gale Student Resources In Context

Database: Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Database: Sirs Researcher

Database: World at War

Where to start?

For many of the topics for this 9/11 project the best resources might be found in essays in books. The topics are very specific and many 9/11 websites might not go into enough detail. Check out the cart of books in the back of the library. Also, the databases CQ researcher and SIRS researcher might come in handy. Remember to use the TOECAP criteria (Trustworthy, Objective, Enough, Current, Accurate, Purpose) to evaluate any websites that you might choose to use. As with any websearch but particularly an emotion-fueled topic like 9/11 there might be many sites that you come across that are not completely objective. 

Books in McCulloch Library that may help you

Web links: General 9/11

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