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Where Do I Start?

Global Issues research will involve finding reputable background information, current news sources, and lots of statistics. You will find that many organizations that focus on these global problems (United Nations, Doctors Without Borders, Unicef, World Bank, World Health Organization, etc) have well-researched reports that are full of the information that you need. Any credible source you consult should reference and get their data from these types of organizations.The databases are also excellent sources for finding the statistics and other background info provided by these worldwide entities.

Do Your Presearch!

Often you will need to gather some background information on your topic before you decide on a narrower focus.  Ask yourself:
  • What do I already know?
  • What do I need to find out?
  • What information would help me answer my questions?
Initially, you may want to read some general resources to gain a better understanding of your topic.  Then, you can narrow your search by asking yourself:
  • What keywords can I use to search?
  • What synonyms, broader or narrower terms, or related ideas could I use?
  • Will proper names (people or places) focus my search?

Strategies for Narrowing a Topic

Think about:


Which countries are affected?


Gender, age, occupation, ethnicity, nationality, educational attainment, etc.


Social, legal, medical, ethical, biological, psychological, economic, political, philosophical?

Search Databases



Search the Catalog

Visual Resources

Look for images that are meaningful and add value to your thinking.  Consider infographics, charts, graphs, or diagrams.  We have several outstanding books with infographics on global issues. If you search google, make sure you limit your search to an Image Search and check for a credible source.