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Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the credibility of informational texts.
  2. Create a Works Cited for three articles that meet the credibility test using NoodleTools.
  3. Determine and extract the three main points of each article with one main idea per notecard. 
  4. For each article, organize the author's three main ideas using NoodleTool notecards then pile and/or color code the nine notecards they created



Students will create and share a NoodleTools project with their teacher. 


Students will create three source citations for the three articles they determine most credible  and include them in their works cited.


For each article they determine is credible, they will extract three main ideas and create a notecard to record the main ideas.

Notecards with information from each article should be piled or color coded. 


Important Documents

To determine the credibility of a source students will use the TOECAP method.  

Note Card Notes

1. Always cite your source in with a bibliography entry first.

2.  Link your notecard to your source entry.

3.  Fill in the page number box if your source is paginated.

4.  Make a unique title for the notecard.

5.  One idea/fact per notecard.


NoodleTools Notecards Tutorial

Books from Messing Library

Research Databases

Messing Library Catalog - The OPAC



Stay organized and on track with your research. Let NoodleTools do the grunt work while you spend your time researching.