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Assignment Overview

How does religion shape the world today?

In your 4-5 minute podcast, you will examine one of the religions we have studied.  If you would like to research a different religion, please see your teacher with your proposal.   



  • Create a Name for Your Podcast Series

  • Write a script

  • Use information from class materials/notes, the library database, and Newsela.  At least TWO of your sources must be articles that you will annotate/analyze.  

  • Practice!

  • Record

  • Self-reflection upon listening to classmates’ podcasts


Beliefs and Ideology Podcast Rubric

Intro Through use of features such as  music/external audio clip, short monologue, facts, quotes, or story that relates to the show's subject, engages the listener while introducing speaker, subject, and talking points. A brief description introduces speaker, subject, and talking points. May implement music/external audio clip or other features to enhance description. Introduction is too brief; purpose is vague. Creator has attempted to use music/external audio clip or other features but they are not used effectively. Does not include an introduction or the purpose is vague and unclear.
Talking Points Both talking points have been analyzed deeply, demonstrating deep thinking and original ideas. Both talking points are supported by accurate use of supporting facts, quotes, and research. Both talking points connect to the podcast prompt and are supported by analysis and accurate use of facts, quotes, and research. Only one talking point connects to the prompt with clear support of accurate facts, quotes, and research. One or both talking points are present, but they do not connect to the prompt, or accurate facts, quotes, and research have not been used adequately as support.
Organization Presentation is organized and logical, with main ideas clearly connected together and a clear direction throughout the presentation. Overall order of presentation makes sense and ideas usually transition well from one point to the next. Order of presentation is awkward in places, or sections are out of place/ideas are disorganized. Order of presentation is confusing and ideas, details, and events are out of context and do not make sense.
Conclusion Conclusion of short, thoughtful comments wraps up the show and offers ideas for the audience to ponder. Conclusion includes short, thoughtful comments to wrap up the show. Conclusion summarizes some of what was discussed but is too long or incomplete. No conclusion has been provided.
Delivery Presentation is clearly rehearsed, with a smooth delivery throughout that keeps viewers engaged. Good tone and volume, a very few space fillers (ums, likes, sos, etc…). Enthusiasm for the topic is present. Presentation has a smooth delivery and uses appropriate volume and pace for the most part. Minimal use of space fillers (ums, likes, sos, etc…) but they do not distract from the presentation. Enthusiasm for the topic is present. Presentation seems unrehearsed, and delivery is uneven. Periodic use of space fillers (ums, likes, sos, etc…), long silences, or stumbles. Presentation is hesitant, choppy, or sounds like it’s being read directly from a script. Excessive use of space fillers (ums, likes, sos, etc…). Lack of enthusiasm for the topic.
Sound Music and sound effects enhance the mood, quality, and listener’s understanding of the presentation. Music and sound effects provide supportive background to the podcast. Music and sound effects are somewhat distracting. Music and sound effects are missing or mostly distracting.
Technical Production No background noise or interruptions affect the podcast. Smooth transitions and appropriate volume of speaker and music/sound effects enhance the project. Podcast has minimal background noise or interruptions. Transitions are smooth and the volume of the speaker and music/sound effects are appropriate for the project. Podcast has noticeable and distracting background noise or interruptions. Transitions are somewhat choppy, as is the volume of the speaker and other effects. Podcast has very noticeable and distracting background noises or interruptions. There are no transitions. Volume of speaker and other effects make it hard to understand the podcast.


Timeline for Project

Project Requirements

Your script will need to include the following:

  • An introduction with a thesis statement--->(Introduce the idea to your reader. What will you talk about in this podcast? What do you want them to know? What is your main point?)

    • For your thesis, think about: What do you want people to know about how religion shapes the world today?

  • You should have 2 BIG IDEAS that you'll talk about in your podcast. These big ideas are the things that help the listener understand your main point (your thesis statement).  Each BIG IDEA will be supported by 2 pieces of specific evidence (from your articles) and you will fully explain your thinking.  (Think TEEC format.)


  • A conclusion statement--->How will you wrap it all up so listeners understand what you've just told them?

Helpful Databases

Newsela How To's

This video was made for a different project, but please do view it to learn about how to access Newsela, find/browse for articles, and save articles.

Citations on Noodle Tools

These videos were made some time ago so the layouts might differ, but the concepts will be the same!