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Copyright and Fair Use: Finding Images

A guide to understanding copyright and fair use in education: what is a copyright, and what is a copy-wrong?

Image Citation Example

Last Name, First Name. "Title." Website, Day Month Year Published. URL. Accessed Day Month Year..


Salvagnin, Domenico. "Flowers." Flickr, 30 July 2005, Accessed 7 Sept. 2016.

What's the Big Deal?

If you choose not to create your own images, you should look for images that artists and photographers WANT to share--freely, without their permission. When using images from the sites below, double-check to make sure that the owners of the images are willing to share them freely--some may have minor restrictions. Note: you still need to cite where you find these images!!

Copyright-Friendly Images

Copyright-free Videos


Image Generators

Create your own images, fast! Just add words.

Image Enhancement