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Messing Library: About Messing Library

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Messing Library Resources

Messing Library provides a plethora of services and materials to support your academic needs as well as personal interests. Check them out!

Copying and Printing:  A black and white and color copier and printer is available for your use.  Please remember to be sustainable and responsible when using the printer/copier; avoid using color unless it is truly necessary.  The printer/copier is MS-Library-Xerox7835.
To install the printer on your laptop:
1) Go to Start icon on the bottom left of your screen.  Type \\print in the blank dialog box.  (Be sure to use the correct backslash.  It is above your enter key). 
2) A list of all available printers will appear.  Navigate to Ms-Library-Xerox7835 and double click.  Right click to connect.
Scanning: A color scanner is available.  Please see the library staff if you need help using it. 
Equipment: Still cameras, Flip video cameras, camcorders, tripods, microphones, DVD/CD Rom Drives, thumb drives, and calculators may be checked out. The document camera, DVD/VHS players, the LCD projector and the screen are available for faculty and staff checkout. 
eBooks: Do you prefer to read digitally? It also has over 600 nonfiction and reference eBooks available to read on your computer. These eBooks may be accessed through the library's catalog. We also use Sora see front page for more details. 
Audiobooks: Messing Library has a variety of audiobooks in various formats. We have audiobooks available on Sora. Classic audiobooks are available from our library catalog to download onto your own device.  We also loan out  Playaways and some audiobooks on CD for books that are a required part of the curriculum. Often the best source for audiobooks is your local library.  All you need is a library card and you can download them from home to your own device.  Use this link to access audiobooks at the St. Louis County Library.


Magazines: We offer a wide selection of magazines which may be checked out.  Articles from over 500 popular magazines are also available through the library's databases.


Databases: Messing Library subscribes to over thirty electronic research databases as well as ebooks that are accessible at school or from any off-site computer with Internet access. These databases provide articles and reference materials for all curricular subjects.  If you don't remember the login and passwords, please ask a library staff member. 

NoodleTools: MICDS subscribes to NoodleTools.  This is a fabulous tool to help you organize your research.  


Messing Library FAQs

When is Messing Library open? 

It is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on regular school days and 9:00 am-3:30 pm on Late Start days. 
When can I come to the library?
You may come before or after school or during recess/MAC time. Fifth and sixth graders are not able to be in the library on days D and 9 days because of conflicting schedules. Students should use the library productively for school work or reading for pleasure. 


How large is the Messing Library collection?
There are over 11,000 items in the collection which may be accessed through the Library's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).


How many library materials may I check out at any one time?
There is no limit on the amount of library materials that may be borrowed, however, if you have overdue materials on your account please renew or return those outstanding materials as soon as possible.

How long may library materials be borrowed?
Library materials may be borrowed for three weeks and renewed as long as no one else is waiting for the item.  Equipment may be borrowed for one week. Headphones and chargers may be borrowed for one class period.


May I borrow books that are on the Reserve shelves?
Reserved books may be borrowed for overnight use only.  They may be checked out after school and must be returned before classes start the next school day.
What if I need a book that isn't in Messing Library?
Check to see if the Upper School or Lower School Libraries have the item.  The fastest way to get a book from another campus library is to actually go to the Upper School or Lower School libraries and check out the book.  Otherwise, you can email Mrs. Lee at the Lower School Library or Mrs. Voss or Ms. Williamson at the Upper School Libraries.  If the item is available, they will send it to the Messing Library where you can pick it up.  Watch your email for notification that your book is ready!  Any book borrowed from any MICDS library can be returned to Messing library.  
May I come to the library during recess?
Yes, you may.

If I bring a book/AV equipment back late, is there a fine?

MICDS Libraries do not charge late fees.
I lost a library item! What do I do?
You are responsible for any items checked out in your name, and the library will need to be reimbursed for lost items.  Please bring a check to the library made out to MICDS for lost materials. 


What will happen if I don't return or reimburse the library for lost materials?
 If at the end of the school year, you still have outstanding materials on your account, your family will be billed for those lost items. 
I paid for a lost library book, but now I found it.  Will you reimburse me?
Yes, as long as it is in the same school year. 
I need to do a project. Do you have supplies at the library?
Yes. We have assorted colored papers and markers, scissors, tape, staplers, rulers, a three-hole punch, glue sticks and paper clips for you to use.  Please return them to their proper places when you are finished. 


Messing Library Expectations