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Note Taking Methods: Note Taking

Research Hint

The note-taking feature of noodle tools will save you lots of time. Remember, put only one fact per notecard. You might end up with a lot of notecards but you will easily be able to go back and find your information if you title the note correctly. You can then put each notecard that has to do with a particular topic into piles. Those piles can then become the different sections of your paper. If you have too much info on each card you will have to dig around and read through the entire card in order to find what you need.

Take good notes

If you take good notes the actual writing of your paper will be much easier. The content of your paper should be in your notes. The writing of the paper is incorporating quotes, transitions, and expanding on your ideas. Note taking does take a lot of time but it will make your life easier in the long run. Remember:

  • One fact per notecard
  • Be sure to note where the information is coming from, include page numbers!!
  • Distinguish what is a direct quote, a paraphrase, or your own idea (easy to do in noodletools)
  • Use piles in Noodletools to organize your info
  • Title your notecards for easy identification
  • Tag your notecards so you can easily group items
  • If you make an outline for your paper, your pile titles could become the different sections
  • lots of notecards is a good thing!

Sample note cards