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Race and Sports: Home

Getting Started

For this assignment you have to develop a thesis-driven argument regarding an issue of inequality or prejudice in athletics. You can select race, gender, or lgbtq issues or you can choose to focus on an individual who faced these issues and had some sort of impact on American society.

Remember broader key words that might get you "into" these topics: discrimination, racism in sports, homophobia in sports, etc. 

A good place to start is in the library catalog. Remember to use the subject headings in the record of the book in order to branch out your searches. 

Research Hint


When trying to formulate your own thesis you might want to find a source that shares/is similar to your idea. Therefore you need to find another thesis driven argument (think:ANOTHER SCHOLAR'S ARGUMENT) that you can then quote from in order to back up your argument.

Search the Catalog

Database: Gale Student Resources In Context

Database: Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Database: ABC-CLIO American History

Database: Sirs Researcher


Helpful Books


Click on the link below to access JSTOR, a database of scholarly articles.