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Getting Started

No matter which topic you pick, the most important detail to remember is that you must see that topic through the lens of the cold war. That means you will have several strands of research and multiple subtopics that you will need to cover (and ultimately organize your paper around). Those research strands could include the following:

1. Define the current situation. What are the details? Who is involved? When did it begin? 

2. At the height of the Cold War what was the status of your country/situation?

3. After the Cold War what developments led to the present day conflict?

4. Did you learn anything in steps 2 and 3 that would add more insight to step 1?

All of these steps require their own keyword searches, articles, and synthesis of information. 

Research Hint

A good strategy might be to use a Cold War ebook and then find your country within that ebook. A source like this will give you the context you need to answer your research question! This would be a great place to start: Ebook- Encyclopedia of the Cold War

Research Hint

Do NOT just limit searches to: name of your country + Cold War. Think about geography. Where is your country located? Who were the major players in the cold war? If your topic was the crisis in Venezuela you could search Latin America AND Russia AND cold war and the following very pertinent article comes up in Google:


Also, keep in mind that the best keyword searches are very specific. Who is the current leader in Venezuela? Who is the leader in Russia? If you search their names Maduro AND Putin you will get very relevant results: