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English Resources: Home

Recommended resources for MICDS English students and teachers.

Find Books in the Catalog

Click on the picture below to search our catalog, Destiny Quest.

You can also browse the stacks for English resources. You will find literary resources in the 800s. The list below breaks down the Dewey sections.

800 Literature, Rhetoric, and Criticism

  • 800 Literature & rhetoric
  • 801 Philosophy & theory
  • 803 Dictionaries, encyclopedias, concordances

810 American literature in English

  • 811 American poetry in English
  • 812 American drama in English
  • 813 American fiction in English
  • 814 American essays in English
  • 815 American speeches in English
  • 816 American letters in English
  • 817 American humor & satire in English
  • 818 American miscellaneous writings in English

820 English & Old English literatures

  • 821 English Poetry
  • 822 English drama
  • 823 English fiction
  • 824 English essays
  • 825 English speeches
  • 826 English letters
  • 827 English humor & satire
  • 828 English miscellaneous writings
  • 829 Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literature

830 German & related literatures

840 French & related literatures

850 Italian, Romanian, & related literatures

860 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician literatures

870 Latin & Italic literatures

880 Classical & modern Greek literatures

890 Other literatures


Welcome to the English Libguide!  Here you will find all of the English-specific resources you may need to research for classes or projects.  We're adding information all the time to better serve you. Please contact a librarian if you need help with your research.

English Databases

eBooks for Literary Research

The Oxford English Dictionary

Search for Videos


If you prefer to listen to books while you read them, we have most of the books in the English curriculum in an audio format.