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Where to start?

Start with a basic biographical overview. ABC-CLIO American History is a good place to start. Reference books might be another good place to look. Once you have that info you will have to dig deeper. In order to properly place your figure in the historical context. Some of these sources can be found in the books in McCulloch, particularly biographies. For others, it  might be best to look at sources that focus on the larger theme (westward expansion, development of railroads, development of Jim Crow, .etc, for example) and you then have to make the connections your person.  

Database: ABC-CLIO American History

Database: Historical Newspapers

Database: Gale Student Resources In Context

Database: Gale US History

Database: JSTOR

Image Citation

REMEMBER: When citing images, don't just cite them from the google image search results page. GO TO THE HOME PAGE of the image and get as much info as you can.  The format for image citation is as follows:

Last Name, First Name. Title of Image. Date Taken. Website, Sponsor of website if different from website, Web Address. Date Accessed.


Jewett, Charles. Effects of Drunkenness. 1841. Teach US History, Accessed 31 Oct. 2016.

However, sometimes you might find that you have an image where no information is provided. You may not have a photographer's name nor a title for the image. In that case you start the citation with a description of the image.

Search Google Images

Find Books

Gale eBook Collection (GVRL)

Our ebook collection is very strong on American social issues. These are digitized versions of reference sources. You will find such online books as World Education Encyclopedia and Revolts, Protests, and Demonstrations in American History.

Chronicling America: Digitized Newspapers

Google Books

Search Hints

Remember: when searching for your individual keep in mind the greater movement that they were a part of. In searches in the library catalog they might be a part of a book (For example The History of Labor in America) but their name won't necessarily come up in a search.


Potential Keywords: End of the frontier, Populism, Socialism, Industrialization, Labor, Robber Barons, Assimilation,

Helpful books

In addition to these highlighted books, the library also has biographies on most of the individuals on the topic list.