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News Literacy: News Sources

Professional Journalists Will. . .

  • Follow a Code of Ethics. Did you know that professional journalists are guided by a Code of Ethics?  An abbreviated version is below; for the full version, go to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

    1. Seek truth and report it.

    2. Minimize harm.

    3. Act independently.

    4. Be accountable and transparent.

    If an article you are reading does not seem to conform to these guidelines, you might want to question the professionalism of its author.


  • Follow style guidelines. Did you know that professional journalists usually use a grammar and style usage guide to standardize their writing as well as make clear their reporting principles? Most professional journalists are required by their publications to use the AP Stylebook or the Reuters Handbook of Journalism.

How to Choose Your News

Ideaological Placement of News Sources' Audiences

Interactive: Audience Profiles & Media Habits

Magazine Pandemic Coverage

Credible News Sources

If you are having any trouble accessing the news sources below, please let Ms. Voss know. 

These databases pull current issues and articles from many traditional news and magazine sources. If you are looking for a specific publication, go to the advanced search and search by publication title.

The Most Trusted News Outlets in America

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the most trusted News Outlets in America are actually British.

Pew political charts