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Triangular Trade: Web Resources


Below is a list of sample links that you are free to use in your research. You cannot use one of these for your TOECAP submission. Think about what makes these sites appropriate and good for research. Those are the same attributes which you should be looking for on your own when you are searching the web.

You are encouraged to take a look at Wikipedia to get basic background knowledge of your topic. However, your research has to go beyond Wikipedia. Identify keywords/concepts and attack your research by systematically breaking down your larger topic into smaller pieces.

Enslaved People

Follow this link to the ebooks and explore the book: World of a Slave. Look for info on living conditions, housing, Middle Passage, slave auctions, religion, etc.

Research Hint

Remember, your commodity (sugar, cotton, tobacco, rice or indigo) is at the center of your research but you might have to look up other topics (generate a list of keywords) to tell the whole story of your product. So, for example, if sugar was your topic "plantations" might be a related topic that will further your research.

General Background Research