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Welcome to MICDS Lower School

Butler-Spencer Library


The MICDS Butler-Spencer Lower School Library includes a wide variety of resources for all students, families, faculty and community members.

The collection includes over 14,000 books in circulation, dozens of online database subscriptions, hundreds of eBooks, and a variety of children's magazines and professional publications.  Materials are updated every month.  For information on using or exploring any materials, please contact the library faculty for assistance.

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Contact Information

Thomas Buffington -- Librarian

Nicole Liebman -- Library Associate


314.995.7450 ext-7623

Butler-Spencer Library (Lower School)
Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School
101 North Warson Road
Saint Louis, MO 63124

Butler Spencer Library Hours:

School Year Hours:

Monday:  7:30-4:00

Tuesday:  7:30-4:00

Wednesday:  8:45-4:00

Thursday:  7:30-4:00

Friday:  7:30-4:00

NOTE:  Summer Library hours are currently limited and subject to change.  For questions about obtaining materials or scheduling a visit during summer, please reach out to Mr. Buffington

Thank you!

MICDS Libraries Mission Statement

The mission of the MICDS libraries is to ensure that students and faculty are information fluent citizens, empowered with the knowledge, the skills, and the compassion necessary for success in a rapidly changing world.

To fulfill this mission, we:

Teach students to use, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate information ethically and effectively;

Collaborate with the faculty to promote learning across the curriculum;

Lead in the implementation of curricular standards for research and information literacy;

Provide equitable access to an exciting and diverse collection of information resources and programs reflective of the needs of our community;

Foster a love of reading, lifelong learning, and libraries.

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"Books are a uniquely portable magic."

-Stephen King