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Butler-Spencer Library: Academics

MICDS Lower School Library Resources


Hello MICDS Community!

DID YOU KNOW: MICDS students have access to hundreds of eBooks which they can read anytime, inside or outside the classroom?

In addition to eBooks made available through our Library collections, we subscribe to EPIC BOOKS, an online database for reading resources for our students.

Please see the attachment below for instructional details!

Thank you!

Third Grade Reading List...

Reading List 2019-2020

At the request of Third Grade families and instructors, the following reading list of books has been created by Butler-Spencer Librarians for the 2019-2020 School year.  All books are available (or will be in the future) to be checked out of the Lower School Library.  Please contact the Librarians with any inquiries or interest in titles.  We are happy to assist students in finding 'just right' books for them!  Thank you.


All Beasley students visit the Library weekly to check-out books and practice library skills.

Lower School Library curriculum includes:

Using online research tools to search for appropriate reading materials.

Engaging in projects which promote creativity, reading, and problem solving.

Building community and listening skills through read-aloud with the Librarian.



Interested in helping your students become successful readers?  Here are a few tips from MICDS Librarians to help them along the way:


Read aloud to your students.

Reading aloud builds positive reading relationships, models proper linguistic skills, and increases your child's vocabulary.  Reading aloud also fosters a love for learning and reading.


Help your children find books that are 'just-right' for them. 

Communicate about their reading interests, and reach out to teachers and librarians for further assistance with proper reading levels. 


Check into local public libraries for access to books during summer months.

Ensuring that your students have proper reading materials during the summer months will allow them to continue building skills outside of school.