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World War Two: Home


McCulloch library has a new collection of e-books . These can be accessed through the catalog or through the link below.


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Where to start?

For the home front project chances are the majority of information you find on the Web will pertain to the US home front.  Make sure you are picking scholarly sources for your research and use the TOECAP criteria (Trustworhty, Objective, Enough, Current, Accurate, Purpose) to determine if a site is worth using. Books might be your most useful tools since they will go into more detail than a short web article. The McCulloch library has several good books on the homefront specifically on the roles of women and propaganda. The same goes for the biographies for your research paper. Make sure you are not just reporting on the person but truly answer the research question given in the assignment. That means you have to have sources that go into enough detail. Some of the resources that we have in the library are listed below.

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