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World War Two: Source Evaluation

Annotation Directions

Choose one source to evaluate using the COR source evaluation questions:

Answer the three questions above in the Annotation section of your NoodleTools source citation. Be specific and provide examples. Use the following strategies during this process.

LATERAL READING: opening new tabs to investigate an unfamiliar source

CLICK RESTRAINT: pausing to scan search results to find the best source before clicking.


SOURCE: Stalley, Roger. "Pearl Harbor Attack No Suprise." Journal of Historical Review 12, no. 1 (Spring 1992): 119-21. Accessed October 25, 2021.


Who’s behind the information?

Where is their funding from? What is their mission or perspective? What might their motivations be for presenting this information?

This article looks to be from a Journal. The site itself is a .org. I have never heard of this organization: The Institute  of Historical Review. I did a search using lateral reading and both Wikipedia and The Southern Poverty Law Center label this organization as a Holocaust Denial site and essentially a neo-Nazi hate group. Anything they present has a definite bias and spin and I shouldn't even waste my time reading the article.

What’s the evidence?

Is there evidence? What is the source of the evidence? Is that source trustworthy? Is the evidence enough to fully support the claim? What's missing? What would be better evidence?

The article is one "eyewitness" report from a "resident of Oregon" who does not sound credible. The article claims that a legitimate historian agreed with this information, but I can't find anything that backs that up. The evidence presented is based on something a dead man said and can't be verified.

What do other sources say?

What is the same? What is different? What trends emerge? Is there agreement? Why? Is there disagreement? Why? What is the perspective of the other sources?

I can find no other credible site that mentions this guy Stalley. The other sites that do are also very sketchy. I keep seeing references to revisionist history and that is troubling. There is no legitimate source that confirms this information. There are other websites that talk about potential warning signs leading up to Pearl Harbor. I will look at something like the History channel article to gather some info. I would never use this Historical Review article in my project.