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World War Two: Presentation Tools

Google Presentation Tips

Presentation Zen Tips

Some great examples of how to create stunning slides.

Learn From a Master

Steve Jobs was an expert presenter. His presentations were informative, entertaining, and engaging. How did he do it? Watch and learn.

Presenting Your Brain Rules

1. Practice, practice, practice.  This is a short presentation, but we still expect you to be prepared and poised.

2. Connect. Look at your audience and introduce yourself. 

3. Vocalize. Use a strong, clear voice, and trust in your research!


5 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People

  1. People learn best in 20-minute chunks.
  2. Multiple sensory channels compete. Minimize bullet points and maximize visuals.
  3. What you say is only one part of your presentation. Be aware of your body language.
  4. If you want people to act, you have to call them to action.
  5. People imitate your emotions and feel your feelings. If you are passionate about your topic, your audience will be inspired.

Death By Powerpoint: What to Avoid