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Imperialism: Finding Images

What's the Big Deal? Finding Images

For all school projects, you should look for images that artists and photographers WANT to share--freely, without their permission. When using images from the sites below, double-check to make sure that the owners of the images are willing to share them freely--some may have minor restrictions.

Note: you still need to cite where you find these images!!

Google Searches

Many people think a Google search for images is the quickest and easiest search. However, you must check the image for copyright restrictions! Go to the home page of the image and find out if you are allowed to use it. Don't just assume you can use it just because it came up in the search results. The citation has to include information that is only found on the homepage anyway.

For many historical images that you might want to use on projects you are USUALLY clear to use them because they are not within copyright. However, you must check. Many historical images can be found in the databases of historical archives like the National Archives, the Smithsonian, and the Library of Congress. These images will have to be searched through those institutions and might not come up in a Google search.

#1 Way to Find Images

Search Britannica Image Quest.

#2 Way to Find Images

1. Go to main Google Images search page.

2. Search for your terms.

3. Click on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the page; select Advanced Search.

4. Scroll down and select “free to use, share, or modify."

**Always double-check the license details!**

Image Citation Example

Last Name, First Name. Title. Website, Date Posted, webaddress. Accessed Day Month Year.


Salvagnin, Domenico. Flowers. Flickr, 12 July 2012, Accessed 1 May 2017.

Other Ways to Find Images