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Imperialism: Online Sources

Imperialism Project

Break your research down into parts; find your information in this order: 

  1. Background information on the colonized nation 
  2. Background information on the imperial power and colonization process
  3. The immediate and long-term impact of imperialism on the colonized nation (economic, social, political, environmental)
  4. Images/maps/charts
  5. Primary sources

Your search terms will obviously vary depending on which part of your research you are working on. Don't stick to the same search terms. Remember, in databases you can't search the same way you would via a Google search. Databases won't follow a search sentence, but they WILL rely on multiple search terms.

Try different search strategies:

  • For example: legacy French Imperialism Vietnam
  • For example: French empire or French imperialism
  • Try searching the commodity that the imperial power was looking for: rubber, oil, diamonds, etc.
  • For primary sources, try "French imperialism" "primary sources" (in a google search only; in a database you will have to be very specific and search by specific name or event).

Online Sources for Country Information


The name of our ebook collection is GVRL. When citing an article or book from this collection in NoodleTools, you can cite it as a book or article from a database. Need help? See a librarian.
**EVERYONE should take a look at the ebooks The Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism as well as Colonial and Post Colonial Africa


General Imperialism Websites